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All CASE programs are staffed with licensed teachers, teaching assistants, Registered Behavior Technicians, Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Pathologists, Physical Therapists, and other related service therapists, including reading specialists, teachers of the visually impaired, orientation and mobility therapists, and assistive technology specialists. The specific mix of professionals and services is dictated by the individual student’s IEP.​

Programs are available as school year programs, supplemented by an Extended School Year program during the summer. Academic, behavioral, and diagnostic assessments are provided.​

Be it in public schools or DESE approved public day setting, our programs offer inclusion opportunities and appropriate school activities that promote a full spectrum of meaningful experiences. Our programs allow students to benefit from the richness of a highly specialized and diverse team of faculty and staff.

Tailored Solutions for Every Child

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Therapeutic Intervention Program

TIP is a specialized program that meets the needs of students experiencing mental health issues, school adjustment issues, trauma history, behavioral and social challenges, and other issues interfering with accessing grade-level curriculum and making substantial progress.

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Empower Program

Empower is a specialized program that meets the needs of students with language processing and production challenges, problems with sensory regulation, and  social communication. The curriculum is a blend of academic subjects and intensive support from related service providers.

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Learning for Life Program

Learning for Life (LFL) is a specialized program that addresses the many different cognitive, physical, medical, communication, and social needs of students. The curriculum helps build independence and includes functional academics and daily living skills.

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CASE Collaborative's RISE program is a transition program that provides a community-based education for students with moderate to severe disabilities between the ages of 18-22. 

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Colebrook School

Colebrook School is the CASE Collaborative Public Day School. Colebrook is the home to Therapeutic Intervention Program (TIP) High School, Empower High School, and Learning for Life Middle and High School programs, as well as our RISE (18-22 year) program. Programs are individually designed to allow students to work towards a high school diploma or to access a rich, functional academic curriculum.

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Our dedicated team partners with parents and school districts, ensuring every student's goals are personalized, meaningful, and achievable.

We respect each student’s:

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The hallmark of all CASE programs is our trans-disciplinary approach:

  • CASE staff collaborate with parents and school districts to determine appropriate goals for each student and provide the necessary services to reach those goals.
  • We respect each student’s abilities, interests, and preferences.
  • CASE programs offer small class sizes augmented by low student to staff ratios.
  • Our strength-based model fosters interpersonal relationships within a supportive, nurturing environment.
  • All programs are aligned with Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.
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CASE Assistive Technology


The Mission of the CASE CETT Team is to support the use of Assistive Technology (AT) and Alternative-Augmentative Communication (AAC) for students from the CASE Collaborative communities and local school districts.​

The CETT Team strives to provide guidance, support and consultation to educational teams in the selection and use of appropriate assistive technology and AAC systems, with the goal of helping students access the curriculum, meet individual educational goals, and communicate functionally and meaningfully.

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Classroom Consultations

The CETT Team provides AT and AAC services to all CASE classrooms. The CETT Team assists special educators and therapists in the selection of, and training for, various AT/AAC equipment, and acts as a resource for sharing tools and tips. This support is individualized, based on the needs of each classroom.

Examples have included: Coaching teams to help students access digital text and Voice Recognition, and supporting teams in implementing and generalizing use of AAC systems across environments. Assistance may take place in a single brainstorming session or ongoing monthly meetings to discuss assistive technology solutions. The CASE CETT Team is available to all CASE classrooms.

AT and AAC Evaluations, Assessments, & Coaching

For Member and Non-Member Districts

The team provides AT and AAC evaluations on a timeline, assessments with trials and hourly coaching for individual students and classroom programs. The CETT Team's AT services address needs in many areas, such as reading, written expression, and physical access to curriculum. AAC services address communication needs in conjunction with the team to help determine the most appropriate AAC system for students; this includes programming and implementation, facilitating device rentals for trial periods, and helping families obtain private funding for the purchase of devices as needed.

Evaluations and assessments often include observations, meeting with the special education team to discuss possible AT/AAC interventions, training when necessary, field testing with a student and a written report summarizing recommendations. Coaching sessions are guided by the needs of the student and the team. They often include observation of the student, a loan from our lending library if needed, training and brief notes of each meeting.

About the CETT Team

CETT Team Lending Library

The CETT Team has an assortment of both low- and high-tech Assistive Technology tools in their lending library. The library has a range of software and hardware, including AAC devices that are available on a short-term loan basis. The purpose of this lending library is to provide educators and students with the opportunity to try these products prior to purchasing them. The CETT Team is continuously reviewing new equipment on the market and making purchases, as appropriate, to ensure that current assistive technology tools are available for loan.

Meet Our CETT Team Members!

Donna Marcotte

M.S. Ed

Donna received an Educational Specialist Master’s Degree in Assistive Special Education Technology from Simmons College in Boston. She also has a Bachelor's Degree in Education with a concentration in Moderate Special Needs from Lesley University. She has completed the School Wide Assistive Technology Program at the Massachusetts Elementary Schools Principals Association in Marlboro, MA.

Karen Levy


Karen received her Master's Degree in Communication Disorders from Emerson College in 1993 and is an Alternative-Augmentative Communication specialist. She has worked in a variety of settings with people of all ages (preschool through adult) with complex communication needs. She joined the CASE CETT Team as an AAC Consultant in 2005.

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dese - Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.