CASE Collaborative's RISE program is a transition program that provides a community-based education for students with moderate to severe disabilities between the ages of 18-22.
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Program Features

  • Small group instruction to teach and reinforce functional academics and life skills
  • Support services in postsecondary settings
  • Dual enrollment opportunities in local community colleges
  • Partnerships with local businesses
  • Supervised student internships and work experiences (job coaches on site) with hands-on training
  • Financial Literacy
  • Lesire skills and community outings
  • Culinary Skills
  • Student run business
  • Provider services: OT, PT, Speech and language,Assistive Technology, Transition Specialist provide specialized therapies and services
  • Communication & Social Skills Development
  • Workplace Safety

All students participate in the vocational program. Students, specialists, and teachers work together to identify job sites that best fit the student's needs and interests in a community-based program.

Student petting animal on a farm.

Transition Assessments

Transition Assessments are conducted to assist students and their families in making the transition from school to the next steps. Through the assessment process,information is collected in the key areas of employment, independent living, recreation and leisure, community participation, and post-secondary learning. The assessment touches on the individual’s needs, preferences, and interests and forms the basis for defining goals and services to be included in the Individualized Education Programs (IEP).

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