Admissions & Enrollment

CASE Collaborative works with partner school districts to accept students referred to our programs. Students typically have a current Individualized Education Program (IEP). CASE Collaborative can provide an Extended Evaluation. The admissions process is comprehensive in order to ensure that each child’s program is designed to maximize potential.

Admissions Process


We request that parents work with their school district to begin the referral process. This allows us to make the visit as productive as possible by guiding families to appropriate classrooms and services that are best for their child. It’s helpful to have a complete referral packet in advance of a visit. However, there are some circumstances where the sending district may make a special request for a family to visit before all the paperwork has been shared with CASE collaborative.

Intake Assessment Review

Parents and students will meet with CASE staff and have an opportunity to meet with staff and students in the program. Parents and students tour the school building and observe classrooms in action.The visit lasts approximately one hour and concludes with an opportunity to ask follow up questions.

Tour of CASE Collaborative

Following a tour of the classrooms being considered, a shadow visit for the student will be offered.  During the shadow visit, the student will join a class or classes, and will have an opportunity to meet peers and students in the class or classes being considered.  For students applying to the therapeutic program, during this student visit a structured therapeutic interview will be conducted with parents/guardians to help the clinical team to better understand the needs of the student and how social emotional challenges may manifest across settings.”


Once the assessment review and tour are complete, CASE Collaborative staff determine whether our program is a good fit and can address the unique learning, behavioral and social/emotional needs of the student. A determination is sent to the sending district.

Enrollment Begins