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Established in 1974, the Concord Area Special Education (CASE) Collaborative serves as a beacon of individualized, exceptional learning for students and educators across our eleven member districts and beyond.
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About CASE Collaborative

For 45 years, Concord Area Special Education (CASE) Collaborative has been an organization that allows school districts to plan, develop and implement programs for students with special needs. It affords school districts the opportunity to augment local services and provide a continuum of special education programs through collaboration with member school districts. It provides a mechanism for people to share ideas and resources for the purpose of meeting a common need.

CASE is an educational collaborative agency made up of 11 regional and municipal districts serving the Greater Boston metropolitan area. CASE is governed by a board of directors comprised of ten school superintendents representing each of its member school districts. CASE was formed in 1974 to meet regional needs of member school districts. The main, although not exclusive, focus of CASE Collaborative is children and young adults who require special education.

Our Vision & Core Values

Caring, collaboration and excellence are the foundation of all we do.

Our work at CASE is geared always towards our vision of "nurturing and inspiring every child to learn and grow."
Our CASE wide vision is reflected by our three core values; Caring, Excellence, and Collaboration


It starts the minute a student gets on the bus, and it’s the foundation of everything we do as a community. Caring means supporting, challenging and persevering. It means taking the time to identify and connect with each individual’s unique qualities.


We have high standards and set high expectations for our teachers and our students. There are always challenges. But we are resourceful and find new ways to support our students' growth.


Growth, learning and successful transitions flourish in a connected environment. Collaboration and communication are essential across our network: students and their families, drivers, teachers, therapists, administrators, host schools and the broader community.

Our Mission

Empowering potential with inclusivity

At CASE Collaborative, our mission is to maximize the full potential of students with disabilities by promoting academically enriching and supportive environments within inclusive school communities.​

CASE partners with families and districts in delivering high quality, customizable, efficient and cost-effective educational programs and services tailored to each student.

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Letter from the Director

Welcome to the CASE Collaborative,

Formed in 1974, the Concord Area Special Education (CASE) Collaborative serves students and teachers in our eleven member districts as well as many from outside the CASE region. CASE Collaborative brings together our school district partners, schools, faculty specialists, staff and families to create exceptional and individualized learning for all. Our focus is on creating and providing educational programs and services that help students to grow, develop, and achieve their potential as individuals.

We offer students and their families tailored approaches that foster the excellence, expertise, and creativity of a talented team of professionals in order to meet each student’s unique needs. We know that responding to the evolving needs of our school districts, students, and families means taking the time to care, to know them, to identify their needs, and to be resourceful, expert, innovative, and coordinated in our response. Caring, collaboration, and excellence are the foundation of all we do.

CASE programs epitomize the meaning of inclusion. Our highly individualized programs serve students from the ages of 3-22 in classrooms that are each housed in public schools within our member districts. Thus, we provide the opportunity for students who need highly specialized programs to receive their education in mainstream academic settings with access to both small self-contained classes and inclusion opportunities with grade level peers. Colebrook School, our approved public day school, provides an individualized setting while affording students the opportunity to take courses at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School.

Our educational program strands serve students with a variety of learning challenges including: developmental disabilities; multiple disabilities; medically fragile; social-communication; autism; social/emotional; and language based disabilities. We’re staffed with an exceptional group of teachers, therapists (OT, PT, Speech/Language), Nurses, Counselors, BCBAs, ABA Tutors, and Teaching Assistants.

Extended Year Services and Programming are available for those students who require them. Our summer programs are housed in a public school of one of our member districts and Colebrook High School in Acton.

Specialized transportation is another service we provide. CASE Transportation provides van services for approximately 400 students from our member districts covering nearly two and a half million miles a year. We have a fleet of over 75 vans, each equipped with GPS tracking and many with cameras, thus allowing us to closely monitor our vehicles to ensure student safety. Our team of drivers who have been carefully screened and are well trained, boast an exemplary safe driving record.

The CASE Assistive Technology Team provides state-of-the-art assistive technology services to CASE programs as well as any district MA that has a need for AT and AAC services. Within this service in the provision of consultation services, workshops, and evaluations for both member and non-member districts. 

CASE remains committed to continuing to evolve its programs and services in ways that support the work of our member districts.


Sanchita Banerjee, Ed.M., C.A.G.S., Executive Director

"We are dedicated to offering educational strategies to our students and their families. We leverage the collective creativity, expertise, and commitment to excellence of our professional team to meet each student's unique needs."

"Adapting to the ever-evolving needs of our school districts, students, and families, we cultivate an environment of empathy, resourcefulness, and deep understanding. We are committed to fostering meaningful relationships and adapting our programs to the changing educational landscape."

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Transformative education for every student

CASE offers specialized programs to students aged 3 - 22. Programs are located within mainstream academic settings in our member districts, as well as Colebrook School, our public day school. We champion personalized and immersive educational experiences with dedicated inclusive opportunities.

Our educational programs serve students with a variety of learning challenges including:

  • Developmental disabilities
  • Multiple disabilities
  • Medically fragile
  • Social-communication
  • Autism
  • Social/emotional
  • Language based disabilities

We’re staffed with an exceptional group of highly trained:

  • Teachers
  • Therapists (OT, PT, Speech/Language)
  • Autism Specialists
  • Nurses
  • Counselors
  • BCBA’s
  • ABA Tutors
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Transition Specialist
  • Teacher of the Visually Impaired
  • Orientation and Mobility Specialist

Executive Team

Our Executive Team at CASE Collaborative is a dedicated group of seasoned professionals, committed to driving transformative education and nurturing every student's potential.
Sanchita Banerjee

Executive Director
Fax 978-371-7858

Amanda Martinage


Carla Chioda

Program Administrator

Joseph Adams

Director of Finance and Human Resources
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Melissa Devine

Assistant Director

Martin Finnegan

Fax 978-712-0079

Member Districts

The mission of the Concord Area Special Education (CASE) Collaborative is to efficiently and effectively provide high quality and appropriate services to children with disabilities and to support the staff that serve them.

​The school districts of Acton-Boxborough Regional, Bedford, Carlisle, Concord, Concord-Carlisle Regional, Harvard, Lincoln, Lincoln-Sudbury Regional, Littleton, Maynard and Sudbury have voluntarily joined together to form the Concord Area Special Education Collaborative. CASE, which was formed in 1974, was created to meet some of the regional needs of its member districts.

Regional School District
Bedford Public Schools
Carlisle Public Schools
Regional School District
Harvard Public Schools
Lincoln Public Schools
Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School District
Maynard Public Schools
Sudbury Public Schools

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