Nurturing every child to learn and grow.

Empowering individual potential in an inclusive, inspiring environment.

Why CASE Collaborative

Compassion, Excellence, & Collaboration


We're dedicated to unlocking each student's potential through enriching, inclusive education.

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Guided by our vision at CASE, we continuously strive
to encourage and ignite every child's journey of learning and growth.

Inclusive Education

Empowering success through inclusive, personalized education.

Assistive Technology

Our Assistive Technology initiative leverages the Consultation, Education, and Training for Technology (CETT) Team to provide specialized consultations, access to an expansive Lending Library, and specialized training. We work to ensure every student and staff member is equipped with the right tools for a successful, enriched educational journey.



Spread across several member school districts, CASE Collaborative classrooms offer a nurturing space crafted for our students' unique needs.


Students Transported

With a fleet of more than 120 vehicles, CASE Collaborative provides special education transportation for its member districts to CASE classrooms.


Years in Business

Established in 1974, the Concord Area Special Education (CASE) Collaborative supports students and teachers in our districts.

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