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Letter from the Director

Welcome to the CASE Collaborative,


     Formed in 1974, the Concord Area Special Education (CASE) Collaborative serves students and teachers in our eleven member districts as well as many from outside the CASE region. CASE Collaborative brings together our school district partners, schools, faculty specialists, staff and families to create exceptional and individualized learning for all. Our focus is on creating and providing educational programs and services that help students to grow, develop, and achieve their potential as individuals.


     We offer students and their families tailored approaches that foster the excellence, expertise, and creativity of a talented team of professionals in order to meet each student’s unique needs. We know that responding to the evolving needs of our school districts, students, and families means taking the time to care; to know them; to identify their needs; and to be resourceful, expert, innovative, and coordinated in our response. Caring, collaboration and excellence are the foundation of all we do.


     CASE programs epitomize the meaning of inclusion. Our highly individualized programs serve students from the ages of 3-22 in 18 separate classrooms that are each housed in public schools within our member districts. Thus, we provide the opportunity for students who need highly specialized programs to receive their education in mainstream academic settings with access to both small self-contained classes and inclusion opportunities with grade level peers. Colebrook School, our alternative high school, provides an intimate personalized setting while affording students the opportunity to take courses at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School.

     Our educational program strands serve students with a variety of learning challenges including: developmental disabilities; multiple disabilities; medically fragile; social-communication; autism; social/emotional; and language based disabilities. We’re staffed with an exceptional group of highly trained teachers, therapists (OT, PT, Speech/Language), Autism Specialists, Nurses, Counselors, BCBA’s, ABA tutors, and Teaching Assistants.


Extended Year Services and Programming are available for those students who require them. Our summer programs are housed at the Russell Street School in Littleton, the CASE Alternative Middle School Program at Camp Triumph in Bedford, and Colebrook High School in Acton.

CASE Transportation provides van services for over 500 students from our member districts covering nearly two and a half million miles a year. We have a fleet of over 110 vans, each equipped with GPS tracking and many with cameras, thus allowing us to closely monitor our vehicles to insure student safety. Our team of drivers who have been carefully screened and well trained boast an exemplary safe driving record.

The CASE Assistive Technology Team provides state-of-the-art assistive technology services to our classrooms. We also provide consultation services, workshops, and evaluations for both member and non-member districts. CASE remains committed to continuing to evolve our programs and services in ways that support the work of our member districts.




Sanchita Banerjee, Ed.M., C.A.G.S., Executive Director

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