Autism Spectrum Disorder Programs

The Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Program serves students with developmental disabilities who are either on the PDD/Autism spectrum, or who require many of the same instructional strategies that students on the autism spectrum require.

They may show deficits in any or all of the following areas:

●    Communication skills including social pragmatics
●    Social skills
●    Adaptive behavior
●    Sensory regulation or modulation
●    Cognitive and/or academic skills
●    Gross and/or fine motor skills
●    Self-help and daily living skills

Students from preschool through high school are enrolled in self-contained classes which are housed in member school districts. CASE ASD class sizes typically range from six to ten students and provide individualized programming with instruction in a 1:1 or 1:2 staff to student ratio based on the needs of the students. 

Therapy services for students are per the IEP but can be delivered both individually or in small groups. Therapy services are generally provided in the classroom to facilitate carryover by, and consultation with, the instructional staff. Although many of the students in these classrooms may be verbal, there are also students who communicate with the use of augmentative communication (e.g., pictures, sign, symbols, or speech generating devices). 

The ASD classes are equipped to address a wide range of behaviors, and students will have, as a matter of routine, an individualized Behavior Intervention Plan, to be reviewed and updated annually or as needed. Examples of common behaviors that are addressed include noncompliance, tantrums, stereotypy, bolting, and flopping. 

Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) work directly with each ASD class. They collaborate with parents, teachers, and therapists to identify appropriate goals and programs in areas such as adaptive behavior, communication, socialization, daily living skills, and cognitive/academic development.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Program Inquiries

Pre-K-Middle School

Marcia Berkowitz

Assistant Director

Asst: Rachel Thunberg (978-318-1534)

High School-Post High School

Courtney Hudgins

Program Coordinator

Asst: Karen Harvey (978-881-4146)






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